Actuator & Control Systems


Deluge valves

BERMAD FP 400E Deluge Valves are elastomeric- type globe valves that are rolling-diaphragm actuated, with an integral, solid, resilient seal.
These automatic water control valves are designed for vertical or horizontal installation and are available in diameter sizes from 1½” to 14” (DN40 to DN350).

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  • Classic Deluge
  • Pressure Control Deluge
  • On-Off Deluge
  • Manually Operated Valves
  • Monitor Valves
  • Pre- Action & Dry Pipe
  • Pressure Control
  • Level Control
  • Accessories & System Components
  • Foam Concentrate Valves

Main Features
  • One-piece molded elastomeric moving part – No maintenance required
  • In-line serviceable, field replaceable internal parts
  • Obstacle free, full bore
  • Available in corrosion resistant materials
  • Designed to be reset without opening the valve
  • Compatible with electric/hydraulic/pneumatic release and pressure control trim systems

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