An update regarding the Covid-19 situation from us in Norflo a/s

To our business relations: As a consequence of the Covid-19, all of us have to face daily challenges, both personally and business wise.
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DIB - Double Isolation & Bleed valve

As an alternative to using the DBB design (Double Block & Bleed), a single ball DIB valve may be an interesting option. Especially when space is a challenge and higher weight a concern.
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Valves for seawater service.

Seawater is and aggressive and corrosive medium. To decide suitable valve materials for this service may be a challenge, especially with the view of extending its life expectancy whilst defending a budget.
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Valve checklist

Careful planning and attention to details are key when selecting valves for both critical and non-critical applications. Whilst valves serve the purpose of controlling fluids / gases, there are also many other factors that need to be considered during the selection process
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In connection with digitization of the company, we have also chosen to upgrade both our homepage and facebook page.
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