For the marine & offshore market, we represent Meson AB,
one of the largest stockholders in Europe, and has stocked valves from over 5000 sq. meters.
Sizes range from ¼” to 36" in DIN, JIS and some ANSI standards

Meson can also supply actuators and control systems.
Meson AB is approved with LRS and DNV GL to classify valves from stock.

Lead times :  From stock to 16 weeks
Norflo supplies ZaVeRo ball valves, for the process and marine industry.
Side entry-, top entry- & fully welded valves for top sides & sub sea service.

Everything from low carbon steel to more exotic materials.
Pressure classes from 150# - 2500#

For other valve types such as butterfly, gate, globe and check, we cooperate with several manufacturers.

Lead times : From 10 - 22 weeks
Fire Protection
Norflo represents Bermad, a manufacturer of fire -fighting systems. 

They provide tailor-made solutions for control and supply of water / liquids for a number of applications, including fire-fighting.

The valves can be operated manually and actuated.
The actuators are electric, hydraulic, pneumatic or electro-pneumatic.

Lead times : From 8 - 12 weeks
We have supplied Quam valves since we started coo-operating with them in 2013.

They are a manufacturer of equipment for the oil and gas industry.
API-6A Gate, Choke & Check valves, manual & actuated.

They also manufacture Pneumo/Hydraulic or Electro/Hydraulic control systems for topsides and subsea systems.

Lead times : 16 weeks