Valves for Process Applications


Established in 1973, today ZaVeRo offer floating ball valves, both 2 and 3 piece design, side entry trunnion mounted ball valves,
in both soft and metal-seated versions and double block and bleed valves with either a needle or ball valve bleeder.

Their valves can come in screwed, bolted or fully welded construction with needle or ball vents and drains if required.

ZaVeRo make valves to order rather than in series production, allowing flexibility in production to offer fast track deliveries.
Additionally, ZaVeRo stock many basic raw components of valves allowing further improvements in the delivery time.

ZaVeRo manufacture valves in a variety of materials, from the basic ASTM carbon steels to more specialised Ni-Cr-Mo alloys (Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy),
Cu-Ni alloys (Monel 400 and K500), Titanium and a variety of austenitic, martensitic, duplex and super duplex stainless steels.
All materials are sourced from Italy and Western Europe.

Where required, valves will be produced fully in accordance to the Norsok M-650 requirements.

Norflo AS have supplied ZaVeRo valves to oil & gas projects big and small since 2003.

Our employees work hand in hand with ZaVeRo’s technical support team to ensure that the valve supplied meets all of your requirements.
ZAVERO’s range of valves include:
  • Floating Ball Valve
  • Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve
  • Subsea Ball Valve
  • High Temperature Ball Valve
  • Double Block & Bleed Ball Valve
  • Cryogenic Ball Valve
  • Fully Welded Ball Valve