Valves for Process Applications

  • Double Block & Bleed Pressure Balanced Plug Valve ø 6

  • Double Block & Bleed Pressure Balanced Plug Valve ø 12” Cl. 1500# RJ c/w Bleed Gate Valve

  • One Piece Forged Body Plug Valve, Pressure Balanced, ø 24” Cl. 900# RJ, c/w Bettis Hydraulic Actuator


INVALVES SERVICE S.r.l., established in 2001, is a manufacturer of a wide range of valves to be used in the oil and gas industries, power generation units and critical services.

INVALVES Service production range includes Trunnion and Floating Ball Valves, Lubricated Pressure Balanced Plug Valves, Nozzle Axial Check Valves & Dual Plate Check Valves.

All Valves are manufactured in a wide range of materials: carbon steel for high and low temperature service, alu-bronze for seawater applications, stainless steel, duplex and super duplex stainless steel for corrosive service, nickel alloys, titanium and other exotic materials.

PLUG VALVES: Standard & Inverted Pressure Balanced Lubricated Plug Valves,
in Regular Pattern and Full (Round) Bore execution are manufactured in sizes up to 24” and class up to 2500# & API 10000.
Flanged Ends, Butt Welding, Hubbed Ends or Integral Flange connections (compact design) are available.
Stem extension for underground application, Steam Jackets and Three/Four Way Multiport designs can be manufactured, as well as any possible Actuation, 
(Pneumatic Single & Double Acting, Hydraulic, Gas Over Oil & Electric) can be applied to our Plug Valves to satisfy all Client’s needs. 

BALL VALVES : Ball Valves are manufactured in a Wide Range of designs,
such as TOP ENTRY & SIDE ENTRY, TRUNNION & FLOATING BALL Type, BOLTED & FULLY WELDED Body, Flanged or Butt Welded or Hubbed Ends.
In sizes up to ø 36” and class up to 2500# & API 10000.
Our range of products does include valves for High Temperature and Cryogenic Service,
Underground application with Stem Extension, Soft and Metal Seat Sealing, and many other purposes according to Client’s needs.

6” 2500# BW Trunnion Mounted ROV Ball Valve          8 trunnion          trunnion top

A wide range of Check “Non Slam” Valves are included in INVALVES manufacturing range.
Nozzle “Axial” Check Valves are the best and recommended solution for high pressure critical return flow applications,
(such as compressor and pumping systems, where return flow would cause damage to the equipment by driving them in reverse), and in all that systems where Low Pressure Loss, Quick Closure, Excellent Dynamic Behavior & Severe Duty are mandatory requirements.

nozzle axial          forged nozzle          forged dual plate

Nozzle “Axial” Check Valves are manufactured in sizes up to 24” class 1500# & sizes up to 48” class 600#, with Flanged, Butt Welding & Hub Ended connections.

Dual Plate Check Valves, which are a recommended solution for non-return application in those systems involving rotating equipment, have significant benefits if compared to conventional swing check valves