Valves for fire protection

Bermad Fire Protection & Deluge System

Bermad 400Y Torrent Series

For total Fire Protection in the Power, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas (PPOG) arenas and other high risk, high value facilities, Bermad offers the world's most comprehensive line of cost effective, reliable and long-lasting Automatic Control Valves.

BERMAD Torrent 400Y - The next Generation Torrent Valve

400 Series - By Application 

• Classic Deluge
• Pressure Control Deluge
• On-Off Deluge
• Manually Operated Valves
• Monitor Valves
• Pre- Action & Dry Pipe
• Pressure Control
• Level Control
• Accessories & System Components
• Foam Concentrate Valves

• High Flow Capacity
• FM and UL Listed
• Suitable for class 300/25 bar rating
• No Moving Mechanical Parts
• Uses the 400 Elastormer Technology
• In-Line Serviceable without the need to remove the Trim
• Spring-less
• Quarter-turn Position Indicator